This variety originates from Turkey (of course!). It's main distinguishing characteristic being it's earliness, maturing up to 6 weeks earlier than other Valencias in the same area. An appealing orange with a thick, relatively smooth peel but with prominent oil cells. A faint but distinctive areola ring at the stem-end can be used to identify Turkey from other Valencias.


The Midknight was discovered by South Africa's very own Mr. A.P. Knight during the 1930s in the Sundays River Valley area. Improved characteristics include an exceptionally high juice percentable, seedlessness and good flavour.


The Delta is a South African selection discovered in the Rustenburg area in 1952. Easy to peel, beautifully coloured with a high juice content. Outstanding colour and flavour.


The fruit shape is round with a slight shoulder. The external appearance is firm with a slightly pebbly rind, and the occasional protruding navel end.
Internally the flesh is orange and juicy, with a tender rag and closed core.

katlego sitrus